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Website (Version 1)
Website (Version 1)

Articles found within this collection are specifically geared towards our customers that are still using our older 1.0 dashboard.

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Where does the data from my lead forms go?
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Agents & Offices - Video Walkthroughs
Managing Agent Permissions
How do I preview a custom report I created?
Can information or a report be delivered by e-mail to a requester automatically after completing a form?
Changing Logos and Agent Pictures not in ZSeries using Website Photos
Preferred Partners
Can I Enable a "Coming Soon" or "Under Construction" Page While Working on My Website?
Basic Admin Overview (Webinar)
Where can I place my VoiceConnect link and/or banner on my website?
Can I Add a Javascript, or Custom Script for Live Chat, Stats or Other Features to My Website?
How do I get FTP access for my website?
Are LinkURealty Websites ADA Compliant?
How do I update or add my LinkU website design to 3rd party IDX?