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Create 301 Redirects from an Old Website
Create 301 Redirects from an Old Website
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If you are moving your website from a previous website provider to LinkU, it is highly recommended that you create 301 redirects for your most important pages, so they can be redirected to the matching or related page on the new site.
For example, if you had a website and had a page such as, then on your new site, had the same buyers page,, you would want to redirect the old URL to the new page, so the search engines know where to find that content on the new website.
Doing this can ensure you do not lose any search engine ranking you may currently have from your previous website.
To create a 301 redirect, you can do so from your LinkU website control panel. You should only do this immediately after your website domain name is active and live on the internet, otherwise the redirects may not work, since they will be tied to your temporary domain name.

  1. Log in to the control panel.

  2. Click on Tools.

  3. Click on the link Create Short URL / 301 Redirect.

  4. Enter the page name or URL, in the sample above it would be buyers.html

  5. Next, select a destination page for this redirect, this could be a custom page, or a Default page, or other custom URL.

  6. Click to Add Short URL.

  7. Do this for all the remaining pages you want to create redirects for.

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