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I cannot delete an office or agent.
I cannot delete an office or agent.
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There are a couple ways you can handle this. You may choose to re-assign the listings to another agents or offices name, or you can delete the listings.

To do this you must login to your website administration, then do the following:

  1. Click on My Listings.

  2. Click on View/Edit Listings.

  3. Use the filter drop down for "Sub-Account/Agent" or "Offices" (for an Office), then select the Agent or Office you are trying to delete.

  4. Click Apply Filter.

  5. The listings that are assigned to that agent or office will appear.

  6. You will need to check the boxes to the left of the listing.

  7. Then go to the bottom of the screen and make a selection from the "- Select Action -" drop-down menu.

  8. You may select an action to delete the selected listings or re-assign them to another agent or office.

  9. Follow the steps based on the selection you choose.

  10. You will need to repeat these steps until no more listings appear for the selected agent or office.

  11. Tip! If the agent or office has a lot of listings, you may want to adjust the amount of records that are being displayed on the page. This way you can make changes to the more listings at once.

Note! If the agent or office still cannot be deleted and you do not see listings assigned to the agent or office, you will need to check the "Inactive Listings". This is under My Listings --> View In-Active Listings. You will need to delete or re-assign the listing here.

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