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How Do I Get My Website Indexed or Found by the Search Engines?
How Do I Get My Website Indexed or Found by the Search Engines?
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Before you can begin optimizing your website, also known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you need make sure it is being found by the search engines.

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Do You Need to Submit Your Website?
 Getting your website found by search engines is relatively easy. There is no need to submit your website for it to be found as many claim you need to. I am sure you have seen advertisments like, "We submit your website to 100's of search engines a month" or similar promises. The truth is, there is no need to do so and if you were to submit your site to that many search engines, chances are, you would end up with tons of spam or even banned on some search engines.

Then How is Your Website Found?
 The fastest way to ensure your website is found is to get another website that is being indexed already by the search engines to link to you. The more quality websites that are linked to your website the better your site should do on the search engines.

So Where do You Start?
 Currently LinkU Realty provides a way to get started doing this very easily by allowing you to add your link to LinkUAgent is indexed and spidered by all the major search engines, so by creating your profile on LinkUAgent, you enable the search engines to find your site, therefore getting your website indexed.

How do You Setup LinkUAgent?
 You can setup LinkUAgent easily via the website administration section. Simply click on LinkUAgent Settings and follow the instructions on setting up your profile, such as selecting your service areas and entering your profile information.

When will Your Website Appear on the Search Engines?
 It can take up to 2-6 weeks and sometimes longer before your website is indexed by all the search engines. You can test it by searching for your name and/or company name in the search engine. If your website comes up at all in the search results then this usually means you have been indexed.

Once you've been indexed you are now ready to move on to the next stages of your search engine optimization.

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