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How to Hide or Disable Specific FAQs
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At the time, the only way to customize, hide or disable specific questions and answers from the FAQs page is to use CSS to hide the content. This will technically leave the content on the site, within the code, but it will not display on the page.

(Advanced Users) You can insert this code under Website Header, within Website Settings or the Design Center Global CSS Header (for ZSERIES Studio accounts).

#faq_quest123 {display: none;}

You can add multiples as needed:

#faq_quest123 {display: none;}
#faq_quest124 {display: none;}
#faq_quest125 {display: none;}

You would get the name of the div ID for the question you want to hide, then replace the number portion with the number of the FAQ. You can find these by viewing the source of the page then finding the code similar to that below:

<div class="faq_wrap" id="faq_quest637">
<div class="faq_wrap_in">
<div class="faq_q" onclick="javascript:toggle('faq_ans637');">
Can a home depreciate in value?

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