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Can I add a link to another website on my navigation menu?
Can I add a link to another website on my navigation menu?
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You can add a link on your navigation menu to virtually any website by adding a Menu Item Hyperlink. You can do this in your admin section by doing the following:

  1. Click on Navigation Menu OR Website Content.

  2. Click on Add Menu Item Hyperlink.

  3. Enter the name of the link as you want it to display on your menu.

  4. Enter the URL where you want the link to go.

  5. Click Save Changes.

  6. The menu item is now available on your navigation menu.

  7. Return to the main menu, then click on Navigation Menu.

  8. Click on Edit Navigation Menu.

  9. Find the menu item you added and enable it.

  10. Click Save Changes.

  11. The menu item will now appear on the website.

Recommendations using a Menu Item Hyperlink
 When adding a link to a 3rd party website, we recommend using your frame page in the URL. To do this, open up the Hyperlink Creator. Follow the steps for creating a Frame Page link. Copy the URL it provides you and use it for your Menu Item Hyperlink.

In some cases a website may have a frame breaker. This means that it will not allow itself to be framed. Unfortunatley there is nothing you can do to frame this type of website.

Another issue you may have when using the frame page to link to a 3rd party site is if the URL has a lot of & symbols. Sometimes these variables will not pass correctly and will cause the link not to work properly. If this happens contact our support team to add a fix for your frame page. Do this using the Support Request form.

Limitations of the Menu Item Hyperlink
You cannot open a Menu Item Hyperlink in a new window, the Menu Item hyperlink is just a redirect to the URL you provide for the Menu Item Hyperlink.

Another limitation of Menu Item Hyperlinks is that they cannot be spidered by search engines. In most cases this should not matter because a Menu Item Hyperlink is going to a 3rd party site, therefore it should not effect you, but depending on what you are doing with it, this information may be important to you.

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