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Search homes lead form is not appearing, or appears every search.
Search homes lead form is not appearing, or appears every search.
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When a visitor completes the lead form from the Search Homes link, a cookie is stored to their computer. The default setting is 1 day. So for 24 hours that user can access the Search Home link without completing the form again.

There is a setting that allows you to shorten or lengthen the time frame or expiration of the cookie in your Website admin.

  1. Login to your website admin.

  2. Click on Website Settings.

  3. Find the item, Lead Form Renewal Time Frame.

  4. Increase or decrease the number of days to remember their information.

  5. Click to Save Settings.

Note: If a user has their security settings high, or are using overly strict settings in their internet security program, a cookie may not save to their computer, therefore they would be required to complete the form each time.

Also many users have their computers set to delete cookies after a certain amount of time. So even if you have it set to remember for 90 days and a user has their cookies cleared anytime in between, they will have to re-complete the form.

Additional Solutions
There are additional options to this type of lead collection, which allows a user to register once and login when they return, such as our Premium IDX products. Contact a sales rep for additional information and availability in your area.

If the form is not appearing for you...

This is usually caused by a cookie stored on your computer. When you or a visitor completes the form, it saves a cookie to your computer so that when you return to the page you would not have to complete the lead form again.

In either case, you would have to delete cookies so you can view your lead form again without having to wait the renewal time you have set in your settings. You can also try accessing it on another computer where you have not previously completed the lead form.

If the form still does not appear....
Then the link you are clicking on may not be correct. If the link is our default link, then changes are the form will be working, if your link to your Search Home page is a custom link, then it is possible you created a link to the wrong place.

For example, if you are using a menu item hyperlink or any other method to link, make sure you are not linking directly to the search. You will need to modify all your custom Search Homes links to point to: /default.asp?f=mls or /default.asp.f-mls.

Once you have finished, try your link again. Assuming the Lead Form option is enabled in your Website Settings and you have not already completed the form previously, your lead form will appear.

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