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My iHomeFinder IDX listings are missing photos?
My iHomeFinder IDX listings are missing photos?
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The photos may sometimes take up to 3-5 days to send to iHomefinder. The photo file ships separately from the actual property data. If the listing is an old listing and is still missing photos, you can try uploading a new photo and deleting it (this will tell the MLS IDX system a data change occurred, and it will attempt to send the photos to us again).

If this time has passed since you uploaded the photo for an active listing, please submit a support request.

Some MLS Boards provide iHomefinder with only one photo per property. If your listing is displaying one photo, but not others, it is possible that your Board does not send multiple photos. You can add more photos for your property using the Listings section of your iHomeFinder Admin site.

iHomefinder limits the amount of photos on the property detail flyer to 20 photos per listing.

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