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IDX Broker Search Error: Whoops! the requested url does not exist
IDX Broker Search Error: Whoops! the requested url does not exist
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When using a quick search, or clicking on a link for IDX Broker gives you this error, it is likely because the page doesn't exist. IDX Broker allows users to change URLs of their search links, agent listing links, etc to whatever URL they choose.

When this URL is changed, it will break any links currently pointing to that URL. For example, the default quick search will submit the search criteria to, however if the URL was changed to or something else, the link would appear broken.

To change the URL that the default Search Widget is linked to, you can do so from the LinkURealty control panel under 3rd Party IDX Configuration.

  1. From the control panel, click on IDX Setup.

  2. Click on Configure 3rd Party IDX.

  3. Find the section for IDX Broker, then the field IDX Results Page Name.

  4. Enter the name of the listing results page, such as "homes". "listings" is the default, so you can enter listings, or leave it blank, either one will work.

  5. Click Save Changes.

  6. Reload the quick search page and try the search again.

This can also occur when a custom sub domain is removed or changed in the IDX broker account. This can also be modified on the 3rd Party IDX configuration page.

Example IDX Broker Page Settings

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