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How do I verify if Email Updates are being sent?
How do I verify if Email Updates are being sent?
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To check thet status of your e-mail updates, run an Email Update Report or view your Manage Subscribers list. Also, if “cc email updates” is enabled, then copies of the updates or a daily summary of all updates will be sent to the address configured on the Contact Information page of your Admin site.

For email updates to be generated, subscribers must sign-up for updates (which creates their personal property organizer), and they must save a search. If subscribers have not saved a search, then they will not get any email updates. Additionally, the saved search must be configured to send updates rather than just track matching properties in the property organizer.

Subscribers have saved searches, but still not receiving updates

It is possible that the search criteria entered by the subscriber is too narrow. Use Subscriber Management to check the subscriber's saved search to see if it would logically provide listings within the area they have specified. If the search is too specific, you can modify the search and widen the search criteria.

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