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Getting "Precondition Failed" error message with IDX Broker
Getting "Precondition Failed" error message with IDX Broker
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If you are using IDX Broker as your IDX solution, and you get a "Precondition Failed" error message, or if you are importing with MLS number and you have a blank drop-down where the boards should be listed, please follow the steps below.
1) Log in to your IDX Control Panel
2) Under Home, click on API Control
3) Click on New Key
4) Copy the new key to your clipboard by highlighting it and using either Ctrl+C or right click > copy
5) Go back to your LinkU Administration
6) Click on IDX Setup under My Website
7) Click on Configure 3rd Party IDX at the top in red
8) Scroll down and paste the new API key under IDX Broker > API Key
9) Save Changes
10) Go back to the Import with MLS screen and confirm your boards have reappeared on the drop-down
If the above steps do not work, or if you are still having issues, please let us know by calling the number on your screen.

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