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Automatically display or update agent or office listings
Automatically display or update agent or office listings
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To automatically display listings (or auto update) from your MLS/IDX, your MLS/IDX would either need to provide you links for this, which can be added to the website, or you would need to be subscribed to a PremiumIDX service, with us or a 3rd party IDX company.

Once you have obtained the links, you can add these links through your website admin. Login to your website admin, then do the following:

  1. Click on IDX Settings.

  2. Click Modify Settings for the IDX you want to add the links to. If you are adding a new IDX, then click to Add an IDX.

  3. Insert your links into the appropriate text boxes, office link or agent link. Your IDX Office link will appear on your Our Listings page, while agent listings will appear on your My Listings page.

  4. When done, click Save Changes.

  5. To enable your office listings page or agent listings page, edit your navigation menu and activate the menu items, Our Listings and/or My Listings.

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