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How do I create a "catchall" account in WebMail?
How do I create a "catchall" account in WebMail?
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  1. Login to your WebMail using the administrative account.
    โ€‹ User Name: [email protected]

  2. Click on the Settings button on the top of the page.

  3. Select, "Mail Aliases & Consolidation" from the left-hand side menu options.

  4. Select, "Mail Aliases".

  5. Click on the, "Add a new mail alias to a domain name" button.

  6. Under the "Mail Alias Name" field, add a " * ".

  7. Now select your domain name from the "Domain" drop-down menu.

  8. After you have inputted everything into the two fields, everything should look like the following: *

  9. Click on the, "Add Mail Alias" button to create your "catchall" account.

Please keep in mind that ALL e-mail for will be received. Please note that having a "catchall" like this can dramatically increase the amount of SPAM messages you receive, seeing absolutely any e-mail address at becomes valid and will therefore be vulnerable to dictionary-type spam attacks.

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