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How to Resolve "Exceeded Disk Space" Error Messages
How to Resolve "Exceeded Disk Space" Error Messages
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If you are over the limit or exceeding your e-mail disk space, you will need to clear up disk space to receive e-mails, or purchase additional space.

To clear up disk space you can do any of the following:

Solution #1: Delete old messages and/or attachments.
You can log in to your account and clean it up by deleting old e-mails and large attachments.

  1. Login to WebMail using your e-mail address.

  2. Click on Mail.

  3. Click on the folder you want to view mail, such as Inbox.

  4. Sort e-mail by size.

  5. Delete any e-mails you no longer need that contain large attachments.

  6. Once finished, right click on the folder you deleted from, then click Compact.

  7. Repeat steps 3-6 for each folder in your e-mail account, except the spam and trash folder.

  8. Click on the Spam folder and review its contents. Move any mail you want to keep.

  9. Once done, click to Empty your Spam folder.

  10. Click on the Trash folder and review its contents. Move any mail you want to keep.

  11. Once done, click to Empty the Trash folder.

  12. Log out of webmail.

  13. Log back into webmail and check the disk space, usually shown in the bottom left.

  14. Clear additional space as needed by deleting old messages, or folders.

Solution #2: Download mail using POP3 into Gmail, etc.
Did you know, you could download your e-mail directly into Gmail and other e-mail services as a separate account? This allows you to still send from your business e-mail, but have the ability to check and send e-mail from one place.

Solution #3: Use software such as Outlook, or other e-mail software.

You can use a software such as Outlook to download, view and manage your e-mail instead of WebMail (keep in mind this will delete all e-mail from your WebMail and download it to your computer).
To do this, you simply would need to setup your e-mail software on your computer.

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