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In order to import listings from your IDX Broker account, you must first configure your LinkURealty site to work with IDX Broker using the API Access Key.

To obtain a key from IDX Broker, do the following:

  1. Login to your IDX Broker account.

  2. Under the Home (initial page when you login) section, click API Key Control.

  3. If the key is blank, click to create a New Key.

  4. Copy the Account API Key provided to you.

  5. Next login to your website control panel.

  6. Click on IDX Setup.

  7. Click on Configure 3rd Party IDX.

  8. Enter the API key from IDX Broker into the IDX Broker API Key field.

  9. Click to Save.

That's all! Now you can go to My Listings and click to Import Listings. You will be able to simply enter the MLS number and import the listing directly from your IDX Broker account.

Unable to Import Listings from IDX Broker

If you are unable to import listings from IDX Broker, you will want to ensure that your agent or office ID is associated with your IDX Broker account. If you are trying to import listings associated to other agent IDs or office IDs, or your IDX Broker account is not setup with an Office ID, you will not be able to import listings.

To check what listings you can import, you can check the link below within your IDX Broker account, under Listings -> Active.

When you login to IDX Broker, whatever listings appear in the link below will be the only ones available for import: (You must be logged into IDX Broker to view the page).

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