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Does the LinkU Listing Database sync my IDX/MLS Listings?
Does the LinkU Listing Database sync my IDX/MLS Listings?
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Some clients have questions about the disparity between their office listings and the listings they have available in their LinkU control panel and wonder if they sync with their MLS/IDX. Unfortunately, they do not. There is no syncing between the listings in your LinkU control panel and the IDX/MLS.
Our system will allow you to add listings manually to your LinkU listing control panel, or import listings from an IDX provider, such as iHomeFinder, IDX Broker or FirstIDX. Once you import a listing from the IDX into your website, it is imported into our database. From here, you would be able to use the listing in any showcase listing sliders, slideshows, etc that may be in use on your site, or use with any of our marketing tools, such as an e-mail campaign. Once imported into our database, you will need to maintain the listing manually, so if anything changes on the listing in the MLS, such as price, description, etc, you would need to make those updates manually in your LinkU control panel to the listing, as it is not done automatically, since they do not sync with your IDX or MLS data.
If you would prefer to not manually maintain your featured listings, then you do not have to use our listing database, you can solely use the IDX Agent or Office listing link from our Premium IDX services.
If you are using a PremiumIDX, such as iHomeFinder, IDX Broker or FirstIDX you can simply associate your Office ID or Agent ID with your IDX account and those listings can be displayed automatically on your website.
Usually we set this up for you when we setup your IDX, however you also have access to these settings through your LinkU control panel and IDX service control panel. See this article for details on setting this up:

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