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Design Integration with iHomeFinder (Dynamic Wrapper)
Design Integration with iHomeFinder (Dynamic Wrapper)
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Using the Dynamic Wrapper will eliminate the need to regularly update your IDX wrapper whenever you make a change to your website. The Dynamic Wrapper always keeps your IDX pages up-to-date so that they always match the rest of your website design.

To set up your Dynamic Wrapper with iHomeFinder, do the following:

  1. Log into your IDX account and go to Setup > Design & Branding > Branding

  2. Here you will see two options to add branding to your IDX pages.

  3. Select the radio button for Branding URL.

  4. Enter this URL into the Dynamic URL field (use your domain name, with or without www):

    If using XE/Signature Series/Custom: idx_ihomefinder_wrapper.asp?custom=1

  5. Click Save Branding Setup.

If you make changes to your design or menu and they are not changing on the wrapper, keep in mind it could take a few hours to update.

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