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Forwarding e-mail can be done for your e-mail addresses on your domain, ie: [email protected], or to simply create virtual e-mail addresses, known as forwarders, where you can create a forward, ie: [email protected] and have it forward to any other e-mail address.

To forward mail from your e-mail address to another e-mail address, do the following:
Log in to with the account you would like to create a forward for.

To create a virtual e-mail address, which forwards mail to another e-mail address:
Log in to with the [email protected] account.

Then continue with the following steps:

  1. On the top bar, click on the icon with the "User and Key".

  2. Then, on the left side of the screen, you will see a link, Forwards, Autoresponders, Lists. Go ahead and click that link.

  3. Click the top option (Mail Forwarders).

  4. This is the screen that shows all Mail Forwarders that you might have on your account. If you don't see any, that is okay. Go ahead and click the grey bar labeled "Add a new mail forwarder to a domain name".

  5. You will now add the information for the forward. Under the Mail Forward Name section add your the email address that you are forwarding. Note: This is the email address that you want to forward to another account. Not the address that you are forwarding to.

  6. Now you add the email address that you want to forward your emails to.

  7. Click Add Mail Forwarder and you are all finished.

  8. Test the forward by sending an email and checking the account that you are forwarding the emails to.

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